2016 Exhibition: Passageways

This series investigates photo-intaglio printmaking techniques, often combining them with woodcuts or collagraphs of fabrics and mesh. The subject is passageways, usually in urban landscapes, which combine the rhythms of architectural structures with the layering of textures.

I feel compelled to document the places that have left an imprint of a time in my life. They are a path to my home, park pathways, mountain trails, my old neighborhood, and major avenues in New York City, as well as boulevards in Granada, Spain. With each scene, I combine different printmaking methods. I want to create a journey, and a connection between the subject matter and my materials. These dream-like interpretations give a unique vision of these passageways, working with surfaces that will add an emotional dimension to the location.

I enjoy the technical problem solving that is involved with the printmaking processes. I explore many types of marks, creating unique surfaces and building up textural effects, which often combine a variety of printmaking techniques.   Another goal is to combine traditional methods with new technology, such as woodcuts on top of photo-intaglio plates, or combining photos with prints produced from hand-painted tusche wash on mylar. In some scenes, the fabrics and patterns tangle with the literal appearance of the scene, to create a surreal environment.

Moser Hi Line from iphone
The Hi Line, 24″ x 18″ woodcut that is layered with four photo-intaglio plates of fragmented photos of the view looking North up the Hi Line in Chelsea.


8 Snow shadows on Walkway
“Snow shadows on Walkway” –   12″x18″ Four-color(4-plate) photo-intaglio on Arches BFK 100% cotton rag paper


2015_11 Central Park tunnel 4-color_white added_2567
“Central Park Tunnel” -16″x 20″ Four-color(4-plate) color intaglio on Arches BFK
Night Market
“Night Market” – 16″ x 20″  Two-color (two plate) photo intaglio
2015-7-29 Union SQ woodcut rolled ocre with photo blue-black_3096
“Union Square” – 20″x 16″ Woodcut layered with photo-intaglio on Rives cream paper

2015_08 GranBlvd OchreOrange_2559

4 _6th AVE multicolor collagraph Black photo intaglio light Rives_4479
Sixth Avenue, 24″ x 18″ collagraph that is layered with a photo-intaglio of a computer-manipulated photo of the view looking North up the 6th Ave in the Chelsea.
7 Holmes Oval 3-layer color collagraph tushe and photo_4318
Holmes Oval South, 24″ x 18″ woodcut that is layered with two photo-intaglio plates of a tushe wash and fragmented photos of the homes on Holmes Oval South, New Providence, NJ
6 Central Park passageway
Central Park at Dusk, 24″ x 18″ is two photo-intaglio plates, both from a computer-manipulated photo of Central Park.