Monotype with Carandash on screen

2014_04 monotype silkscreen carandash watercolor

I was experimenting in the summer of 2014, with new printmaking mediums that were non-toxic.   After drawing with Carandash watercolor crayons on the screen, the screen printing transparent ink base is  squeegeed over the drawing, printing it onto the paper.



2014_04 LizJulz Sisters in Red

11″x14″ 2-plate intaglio etching, from a plastic plate, using photo-sensitive emulsion to transfer the two painting/drawings of ink and tusche on vellum.

In other words, I painted and drew the marks onto frosted translucent vellum, with a carbon-ink solution.  The drawings were then exposed to photo-sensitive emulsion-covered plastic plate.  The plates were then developed in a soda ash bath, and then inked and printed on top of each other on paper.