Back Walkway Block Print

2013_09 Side Entrance Princeton 9x12 Linoleum plate 1

9×12 Linoleum block print of the back entrance to our home.  I carved this in the Fall of 2013, as my first work, diving back into my masters degree in printmaking.


Granada Boulevard, combining collagraph and intaglio printmaking techniques

Granada Boulevard

This 20″ x 16″ print is a mixed-media layering of three printings from two plates.  The first matrix/plate was a collagraph on masonite(carving of buildings and covered with lace, acrylic gel, and gauze), first wiped with black ink and then rolled with off-white ink as a block print on top.  The third layer was from another plate, a photo intaglio plate with the details of the building windows, that is wiped with black ink and printed on top.

Snow shadows on back walkway

2014_12- Snow Shadows 12x18 two color photo intaglio plates

18″x14″ Two-plate photo intaglio from my photo of our back walkway after a heavy snowfall.  I was attracted to the graphic textures on the bushes and the rhythm of the shadows from the railings on the snow.  I didn’t print all the colors of the actual photo, leaving out the black plate, which had grounded the background trees, loosing that illusive background.

Monotype of Midnight walk in Barcelona

2014_07 Midnight walk Barcelona 18x24 Monotype 3

Oil-based inks painted on plastic plate, printed onto Rives BFK paper, this monotype print captures the reflections on the walkway, the repetition of the outdoor patio restaurants and building, and the lights filtering in the sky.  I did a series of three prints of this setting. This one is the largest, at 18″x24″ in size.