Monotype with Carandash on screen

2014_04 monotype silkscreen carandash watercolor

I was experimenting in the summer of 2014, with new printmaking mediums that were non-toxic.   After drawing with Carandash watercolor crayons on the screen, the screen printing transparent ink base is  squeegeed over the drawing, printing it onto the paper.

Monotype of Midnight walk in Barcelona

2014_07 Midnight walk Barcelona 18x24 Monotype 3

Oil-based inks painted on plastic plate, printed onto Rives BFK paper, this monotype print captures the reflections on the walkway, the repetition of the outdoor patio restaurants and building, and the lights filtering in the sky.  I did a series of three prints of this setting. This one is the largest, at 18″x24″ in size.