I have a BFA in printmaking from the University of Delaware, and a Masters in printmaking from Kean University.  I previously had a career as an art director for six years at KPA, an architectural marketing and design firm in Houston Texas, before returning to the east coast. I illustrated cartoon characters in a book for Merck, that was published in two languages, and I designed mugs that were hand-painted overseas and sold in Dillards and Barnes and Noble bookstores.  I also free lanced as an illustrator in New York City, working for Creative Network Systems and Fallon advertising, in their Manhattan location.  I created storyboards and drawings for television commercials, while also teaching art classes to children and adults part time in New Providence.  I am now a high school art teacher while I completed my masters degree in non-toxic printmaking processes.

My works of art have evolved from etchings and drypoint intaglios, to experimenting with various printmaking techniques the past two years, including mono prints, woodcuts, screen prints, collagraphs, and photo-intaglios.  I began manipulating or layering different processes of printmaking procedures to create an intriguing visual of textures, combining surfaces and imagery.

This year’s series is called “Passageways,” and it focuses on my experimentation with photo-intaglio images, which are altered digitally and often layered with drawn, painted or carved imagery.   With each work, there is a connection between the subject matter and materials I have chosen, using a different printmaking method to express the place. Traditional techniques are combined with new technology, such as printing woodcuts or collagraphs and then layering those prints with photo-intaglio impressions on top.  The prints are sometimes layered with the intaglio prints created from hand-painted tusche wash on the mylar.  The end products are rich in textures, combining various surfaces of marks.


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